Top 5 Things to Buy in Santorini, Greece

Santorini is no ordinary island.  The minute you see it you know it’s something special.

Santorini 1

Once you get to Santorini and are able to walk the narrow streets and see shop after shop of beautiful items, you may be overwhelmed in figuring out what to buy!  I’ve narrowed it down for you here on the top 5 things to buy in Santorini with some shop resources thrown in to help you find your purchases. Even if you cannot get to Greece, I’ve listed some additional resources to help you purchase these items!

  • Greek Sandals.  Since Jackie Onassis bought Canfora sandals, you have always heard about the Italian island of Capri and their handmade sandals.  I can tell you the greek sandals are made just as well, are price effective and very stylish. In the town of Oia, we found a great little shop named MIAOY.  While she doesn’t have a website, use #miaoy and you can find her along with her facebook page. This shop is tiny and if you blink you will miss it. But MIAOY has fantastic items including costume jewelry, handbags, greek sandals, handmade lace tunic blouses and dresses, t shirts, and additional giftware. She is super nice and great to buy from! I wish she had a website.  If you do not have plans to travel to Greece in the future, you can still buy greek sandals and have them shipped to you by a variety of vendors selling on ETSY. Fedrainspriations is one vendor on ETSY that I have bought beautiful sandals from for about $55. They arrived quickly, were beautifully made, are comfortable and the vendor was great to work with. Click her shop name to visit her store. Her name is Anna and besides sandals she carries bags and other items in her shop and she is based in Greece.


  • Greek Key Jewelry – Anywhere you go in Greece, all jewelry stores will carry greek key jewelry, both in gold and silver. There are a variety of variations (either in a square key or a circular key) and all Greek key jewelry has many different price points. But whichever design you want to buy, it makes a great to bring back with you.  Visit SantoriniGreece on ETSY for a wide selection of Greek Key Jewelry at many different price points (based in Athens, Greece).


  • Costume Jewelry – All throughout Santorini, there are costume jewelry designers everywhere you turn. Popular jewelry includes museum quality dangly earrings with tassels, black lava jewelry, and costume takes on the Greek Key line. Etsy provides a great deal of designers from Santorini selling online with wonderful quality. Honestly, Santorini has much better deals on costume jewelry than Mykonos (we found the shops there expensive compared to Oia and Fira). If you can’t make the trip to Greece, fear not. Etsy sells all types of costume jewelry in various styles, and ships all over the world from Athens, Greece. Just type in Santorini jewelry or Greek jewelry to find your style.



  • Olive Oil Products Everywhere you go in Greece, they sell Olive Oil Products.  Lip balms, soaps, body lotions infused with Olive Oil. Amazon has wonderful options; search olive oil products from Greece. We brought back a lip balm and a hand cream from a recent trip.  They are both extremely moisturizing and smell great.

santorini 3

  • Artwork – Everywhere you turn in Santorini, there are artists selling their beautiful work.  Watercolors, or canvas artwork, they are all beautiful and would look fantastic in your home.  Etsy has many great pieces of artwork from artisans from Santorini.

Travel is all about experiences.  A great experience is finding new things along the way. Take in everything you see and consider bringing back a little piece of the place you visit.

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