5 Travel Websites You Must Use!

Travel much?  You’ve searched the web and think you’ve found great tools to help you plan and make that much anticipated trip of a lifetime!  The internet is a great resource to help you with travel plans.

As an avid travel who has traveled the world, I’m sharing my favorite travel related websites for booking and planning as well as shopping guides to assist you. From one traveler to another enjoy! Click the name of the website for immediate access to their site.


As the headline reads this website contains hot hotel deals, in-depth destination guides, travel stories, trip planning tips and more.  Your first stop in planning and then some.  Great posts on packing, hotel deals, ideas on things to do, you name it.  An honest guide to traveling. I just found this site myself and I’m addicted.

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Trip Advisor

A great travel companion.  Everything from traveler reviews to ideas of things to do, where to shop. The Bible on travel.  Don’t book a hotel until reading the reviews.
And take some with a grain of salt as you know you can’t please everybody all of the time.

I use this site quite often.  Be sure to check the reader tips section under the property you are looking for.  Travelers are not afraid to share some great ideas under this section.

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As the site says your trusted source for travel solutions and gear and boy do they have everything.  From clothing, to luggage to anti jet lag pills they have it.  Get on their mailing list and they will send you a quarterly catalog so you can see all they carry.

If you are taking a trip, I guarantee you will find something you need from this website.  If traveling to Europe or a long haul flight, buy the NO Jet Lag pills, you will not be disappointed. A must have site for the traveler in all of us.

Cruise Compete

This is a secret site!  My share, if you are taking a cruise you need to try this site. Let  cruise travel agents fight over your business. List the cruise you are interested in taking, cabin interest, number of guests and date and let them do the work for you.  It’s an easy tool to get the best price on a cruise. A great tool.

Cruise prices vary from agent to agent and website so this tool costs you nothing and provides you with a great resource on pricing and you may find a new travel agent. Try it today!


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Finally find things and tours to do in your next vacation city. This website has it all.  Great pricing and great customer service. Easy to book online. What more can be said? It can’t get any easier than this.

So for your next trip, enjoy researching these sites to help you plan better!  And drop a comment if you’ve used them and what your experience has been. Have a site to share?  Let  us know.  We’d love to hear from you!


  1. Jetsetter:  www.jetsetter.com
  2. Magellans: www.magellans.com
  3. Trip Advisor: www.tripadvisor.com
  4. Viator: www.viator.com
  5. Cruise Compete: www.cruisecompete.com


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  1. grantandmegansworld says:

    Great article! As we are still learning the tips and tricks to travel cheaply and begin our adventures, this article was very helpful. Travelling can be eye-opening and life changing. It opens you up to so many things that people didn’t even know existed.


    1. thank you for commenting! Enjoy planning your next trip!


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